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20 Nov 2017
Company Go Karting

Company Go Karting

As a reward for achieving our best results to date last month, the whole company was treated to a day of Go Karting! Everyone showed their competitive side as the teams battled it out to win the most points and become Concilium champions of the day. The teams were split into groups of three and everyone was given twenty minutes each to prove themselves as the best and win as many points as possible for their team. This lead to […]

03 Nov 2017
We’ve Been Touring the UK in Search of our Next Concilium Graduates

We’ve Been Touring the UK in Search of our Next Concilium Graduates

The most important element of our business is the people; we believe in hiring the best candidates and training them to become world-class consultants. This has been the key to our success so far and pivotal to the continuing expansion of the business. With 2018 set to be another extremely exciting year for the company we set out on a UK road trip, visiting 5 top university’s career fairs to find the next Concilium employees! Concilium has a policy of […]

30 Oct 2017
One month at Concilium

One Month at Concilium

Our newest Consultants have only been a part of the team for a month, but they are already off to a flying start. One month in and our newest graduates are already showing the office just how brilliant a new starter can be. Having shown exceptional talent and enthusiasm in just four weeks, the potential and prospects for Rudy, Sarah, Doina, Lucinda and Chris are already looking to be limitless… Rudolph Obeng-Asare Kings College London The first month of real […]

16 Oct 2017
7 Hints to Help Impress in Interviews

7 Hints to Help Impress in Interviews

Interviews are great opportunities to learn more about a position for you to ensure it’s the right career move. They should be an exciting experience but they can often be a nervous one. As with many things, preparation is key… 1. Do your research – research the company and industry thoroughly. Use Google to find recent news articles and LinkedIn to research who you will be meeting. Knowledge is power. 2. Prepare questions – interviews are an important chance for […]

04 Oct 2017
7 Key Aspects to Writing a CV

7 Key Aspects to Writing a CV

Writing an effective CV can be a difficult task but it is essential it is done correctly. Ultimately, the CV is the gateway to interviews and job opportunities. Getting it right is therefore critical and here are a few tips to consider when doing so: 1. Be concise – there is no exact number for how long a CV should be but 2 -3 pages should be sufficient. Being concise demonstrates you can prioritise and are able to process and […]

23 Sep 2017
3 Hints to Help Stand Out From the Crowd

3 Hints to Help Stand Out From the Crowd

A few factors can significantly help you stand out from the crowd and make good impressions with those that matter. The best thing? These 3 hints are all easy to implement… 1. Be consistent – there is no correct way to write a CV, just different ways. When it comes to formatting however, consistency is key. It doesn’t matter what style you choose but make sure to stick with it throughout. For example, if you bullet point a list of […]

08 Sep 2017
How to get the most out of an interview

How to Get the Most Out of an Interview

An interview should always be a two way discussion allowing the interviewer to gauge your suitability for the business but at the same time, as a candidate, you must be able to learn more about the opportunity and whether it is the right fit for you. Asking intelligent questions is a useful and important way to help you understand and visualise the opportunity. Furthermore, it allows you to demonstrate you are engaged and that you have done your own homework. […]

28 Aug 2017
How to handle a counter offer

How to Handle a Counter Offer

The Counter Offer (CO) can be a difficult scenario for both candidate and recruiter alike and can cause doubt, second guessing, and in some cases, reversing the acceptance of a new offer. When resigning, always expect a CO and think in advance about how you would respond. Many candidates will have made up their minds and simply say ‘no thank you’, shake hands and part ways. For those who are unsure of what to do, the points below are from […]