6 Resignation Tips

Leaving a job can be difficult, here are some tips to help you through:


1. Make sure you’re ready

If you are leaving for another company, make sure the new job and contract are confirmed.


2. Write a resignation letter

Keep it direct and to the point.



3. Notice

Work out how much notice to give and prepare an effective hand over.
Remember, it may be possible to negotiate your notice period down.


4. Prepare for a counter offer

Make sure you know how to respond if your Manager counter offers. Remind yourself of why you are moving and practice a polite and clear response.


5. Arrange a time to sit down with your manager

Always discuss face-to-face where possible and leave with a hand shake.


6. Ensure you leave on good terms

It’s a small world so be positive, polite and civil throughout. Should you wish to give feedback keep it constructive.


Do not burn any bridges!




By David Potter

About David Potter: Senior Consultant David works exclusively within the Healthcare industry

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