7 Key Aspects to Writing a CV

7 Key Aspects to Writing a CV

Writing an effective CV can be a difficult task but it is essential it is done correctly. Ultimately, the CV is the gateway to interviews and job opportunities. Getting it right is therefore critical and here are a few tips to consider when doing so:

1. Be concise – there is no exact number for how long a CV should be but 2 -3 pages should be sufficient. Being concise demonstrates you can prioritise and are able to process and represent a lot of information succinctly. It will also ensure the hiring manager remains engaged. If you have lists of publications and other information consider using an appendix
Concise: short and clear, expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words

2. Be honest – don’t include anything you cannot back up with examples, facts & figures. Inaccurate information can be easily discovered through background and reference checks or in a thorough interview

3. Sell yourself – try to avoid being overly descriptive about your responsibilities. Focus instead on achievements and accomplishments that make you stand out from your peers. Where possible back this up with examples and figures

4. Tailor it to the role and company – work out what the role requires and what the company needs and mould your CV accordingly. This will allow you to keep your CV concise without sacrificing detail

5. Keywords – when a hiring manager or internal recruiter is faced with a number of CV’s for a role they may not always have the time to read them in detail and so will search for key words relevant to the role. Online systems will often use keyword searches to rank candidates. Identify keywords, terms and phrases from the job description and include these in your CV where relevant

6. Keep it looking professional – ensure it is well structured with consistent font style and size. Keep headings, bullets and indents consistent. Use clear titles to break up the different sections

7. Proof read – typos and poor grammar do not reflect well. Check for errors

Remember, the CV represents you. Dedicate time and energy into getting it right and you will reap the rewards.