Category : Inspiration

04 May 2018

Inspire Tour

  Last week we worked in partnership with global public speaker and social rights activist, Jeremiah Emmanuel, on his mission to educate hundreds of pupils across London schools about the importance of motivation, self-belief and always striving for success.            Taken from his own experiences, along with the inspirational stories of his guests: industry professionals, influencers and philanthropists, the Inspire tour sought to promote growth mindsets and thinking from a different perspective from the highest calibre […]

06 Feb 2018

100 Years of Suffrage

In the 19th century women had no place in national politics; they could not stand as candidates for Parliament and they were not even allowed to vote. It was assumed at the time that women did not need the vote because their husbands would take responsibility in political matters. However, as a result of the industrial revolution, many women were in full-time employment, which meant they had opportunities to meet in large organised groups to discuss political and social issues […]