Countdown to USA

Over the past few weeks, the team at Concilium HQ has been less and less office-based, with many of us out and about visiting clients ahead of the start of Q2, and a select few of us heading over to visit our newly set up US office.


Sam, Oliver and I are in our final few months of working and living in London, ahead of relocating to America to spearhead the growth of Concilium’s newly created US entity. We plan to document various stages of our personal US adventures in this blog, along with giving some overview of the business’ progression and the challenges we’ve overcome.




Firstly, an outline of our latest trip, alongside the usual acclimatization to our surroundings, e.g. finding a great spot for dinner and seeking out the best breakfast en route into the office. Firstly, we were tasked with kitting out our new office space on the 20th floor of 2 Park Avenue, New York. Remembering back to our first days at Concilium, when we were growing the company from the ground up, the three of us were not shy in getting our hands dirty. This meant trips back and forth to Best Buy, carrying a 50-inch TV up 33rd Street, and setting up everything required for our new office to function day-to-day. In amongst this, we had days of apartment viewings, and some positive client meetings. All this building toward a smooth transition later this year as we relocate our lives to America.

Once everything was in place, we were able to turn our excitement to the benefits our clients will see resulting from us being located nearer to those companies and professionals we partner with. We pride ourselves on building relationships and truly understanding each company’s goals and needs. Without this understanding, we would struggle to build the long-term partnerships we aim for, both with existing and future clients. Being in NY, and more able to travel to client sites around America, should lead to us having a greater understanding of the challenges faced by these companies and subsequently a better service provided by Concilium.

Furthermore, I view the US market as the main hub for growth and development within our core industry areas; Healthcare, I.T. and Renewable Energy. The sheer volume of companies currently developing ground-breaking solutions from the US is unprecedented. We strive to work with companies which leave a positive footprint on the world, so the decision to commit to the American markets has been a very easy one for me personally.

Additionally, the US talent pool is well stocked with some of the best and brightest graduates looking to take their first steps in industry. We pride ourselves on the calibre of our consultants, and the prospect of tapping into this group of future-leaders whilst expanding Concilium USA is extremely exciting.



So, what next?

We will be back and forth to New York between now and our official moving date as we continue our work with existing clients, whilst hopefully engaging with many more along the way. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for Concilium in America, and indeed globally, as we continue the expansion plans set out in January 2015 when Concilium’s story began.




By Daniel Jeffery

About Daniel Jeffery: Partner/Head of Contracts Americas

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