HEALTH AND WELL-BEING SERIES: Keeping it healthy – Caribbean style

We’ve teamed up with Khalia Ismain, from contemporary Caribbean restaurant BAYGO, to explore how to lead a healthy lifestyle the Caribbean way!


For many, the issue of sticking to a healthy diet is not the lack of knowledge of nutritious foods or staying motivated to be active, but the difficulty of finding an exercise plan which is enjoyable and creating healthy meals which are diverse and interesting.

Dedicated to bringing 5 minutes of sunshine to City mealtimes, BAYGO has a Fresh Caribbean menu that is quick, light and beautiful, packed full of nutritious goodness – inspired by the islands from which it hails. They have taken traditional dishes from the islands of the Caribbean and reinvented them for a fast-paced City lifestyle.




Here are BAYGO’s top five tips for staying healthy, the Caribbean way:

1. Join a sports team

Caribbeans are known for their love of athletics and cricket, and while these are traditionally summer sports, you can keep it moving by grabbing some friends and heading down to the local park. Caribbean sports are usually team-oriented meaning hard training, but having fun at the same time!


2. Don’t stop the music

Caribbeans love to dance and feel free. It’s not so much about the specific movements, but about feeling the rhythm and the vibe. Turn up your favourite tunes and let loose – do what your body feels like! One of the islands’ biggest festivals, the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, is happening next month and “soca” will be the most-played music genre. It’s happy music, encouraging you to celebrate life itself. Get involved by shaking a leg during lunchtime at BAYGO!


3. Mix it up!

Caribbean food is all about flavourful, colourful dishes with lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fish and locally-sourced meats. When you next do a food shop, look for the most vibrant ingredients: pick some greens, reds, purples, yellows, whites, browns, pinks… Create a rainbow on your plate and benefit from all the different vitamins and nutrients they bring.


4. Add flavour

We’re all much more likely to return to a delicious healthy meal than to one that isn’t. Sweeten your food with mango or pineapple, spice it up with a hot sauce, jerk sauce, or even a BAYGO sauce. It’s a myth that you have to compromise on flavour for health!


5. Keep it social

It’s proven that reduced stress levels help with your fitness and health. Caribbeans have a very social culture, and always make time to “lime” – hanging out with friends. Putting time aside to relax with colleagues, friends and family is a sure-fired way to feel better in yourself. During the work day, take time away from your desk to talk about anything other than your inbox!



BAYGO is the City-home of the “lime” – give them a visit for some good vibes, good food and sunshine! (27 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1DE).


Discover more about their contemporary takes on Caribbean classics at http://baygo.co.uk/