“Probodystyling’s mission is to give the effective tools to educate, inspire and encourage our clients to become fitter, healthier and essentially to grow out of their comfort zone into something that they never thought was possible.”


Personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and fat loss specialist Andreea Tina founded Probody Styling in 2011, a fitness brand which is made up of three primary divisions: corporate health and retreats, online coaching and boot camps. All divisions feed in to each other and encourage team building and good overall corporate health.



So, how did Probodystyling begin? In 2009, Andreea Tina had a vision of starting her own fitness brand, a vision that didn’t fully become real until the Spring of 2011. She began as a personal trainer in London and worked towards competing as a body builder, which initially put her dream on hold. After turning professional body builder and coming in at first place in a European championship, Andreea felt that bodybuilding had taught her the right skills in how to train others in strength and conditioning, and from this Probodystyling began.

Looking into Probodystyling today, Andreea works with various collaborators who influence her website, online coaching and corporate health. Andreea is now registered as a practitioner and can test everything from digestive health to hormone imbalance, stress levels to genetics. She believes that the most important thing when trying to achieve realistic and stable results is to be really specific and identify any factors which can cause weight gain in an individual. Andreea believes that it can be easy to get quick results, but Probody Styling focuses more on teaching individuals the best way to obtain a sustainably healthy lifestyle.


How Probody Styling works

  1. It all starts with a consultation. Andreea and her team look into everything, including lifestyle, sleep levels and health problems (ideally from birth).
  2. This consultation identifies how best to approach a client and how to tailor a programme to best suit their needs. Including:
  • Meal plans
  • Bespoke training programmes
  • Supplement protocols
  1. Clients are then encouraged to detox from lactose, gluten and soy. Andreea believes this is of prime importance as these products can increase the risk of illness and mood swings, she often finds after genetic testing that many people do not have the gene to break down these products.

Products that can be substituted in when avoiding lactose, gluten and soy are:

  • Rice pasta
  • Quinoa, rice and sweet potatoes as main carb source
  • Almond/coconut milk
  • Lactose free cheese
  1. Corporate health
  • Trainers run office-based classes, e.g. Yoga, HIIT and body weight training (if a firm has the space available)
  • Each employee is given an individualised bespoke diet
  • Probody Styling provides whole company training workshops, seminars and online coaching to help employees to understand how food and exercise affects your physiology


What makes Probodystyling different?

Providing a tailored service really differentiates Andreea and her team from similar companies in the market. Every package is bespoke. Yes, there are templates in place to put exercise programmes in, but there isn’t one individual exercise programme that will be sent to millions – expected to achieve the same results by all. Probodystyling takes a very holistic approach, whereby everything is measured and clinically tested and the causes which create imbalances in the body are targeted.

In a market where, online fitness is a growing trend, Andreea and the Probody Styling team provide a service which is built on experience, hustle and the ability to clinically assess individuals to transform their lifestyle.


How can the teachings of Probodystyling be incorporated in the lives of busy Consultants?

Alongside the corporate health programmes, there are a few simple ways in which Andreea advises that we can stay fit and healthy in the workplace.

  • Using the stairs rather than the lift
  • Power walking around the office when making important phone calls
  • Trying to avoid the easy option of getting off your last tube stop in the morning – try getting off one or two stops before!

These simple but effective steps can help you to reach Andreea’s minimum recommendation of half an hour of exercise a day – perfect for those with a hectic work schedule!

Of course, it is not just exercise that influences clean-living, around 75% of weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is down to what we eat.

“Exercise matched with nutritional diets will make all the difference.”


How to eat well alongside a busy working week

  • An easy evening meal: put some protein (e.g. chicken) in the oven, with a huge tray of vegetables and leave to cook – easy, convenient and nutritious
  • Plus, you can use that 20 minutes to get any additional work or exercise done!
  • Prepare meals at the weekend. This saves time during the week and guarantees you a nutritious meal every night
  • We’re advised to eat a meal every 3-4 hours, so that our stomachs do not run on empty – this is hard to do but can be done with a bit of preparation
  • Make sure you have healthy snacks available in your bag/at your desk (e.g. nuts and vegetables)
  • You can also have nutritious food deliveries or protein deliveries sent to your office to save time or for convenience on days where you know you’ll be leaving the office late


Part of Probodystyling’s ethos is that companies can work together to encourage healthy workplaces. So, while there are many ways that we can work as individuals to improve our lifestyles, Andreea believes that this encouragement should come from management at the root of the business. Managers need to be aware of how much unhealthy food induces lower productivity levels and will consequently impact the profits and success of a business.


The future of Probodystyling

Andreea hopes that her brand will take over the London corporate health market and become the number 1 service provider for corporate health on a Global scale.

She also hopes to influence the way we work in the office, implementing standing desks in offices across London. Research has shown that seated desks can have a huge negative impact on your spine and posture and moving up and down all day can have major health benefits, such as burning calories and lowering fatigue.



Learn more about Andreea and Probodystyling at http://www.probodystyling.com/