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Concilium Search has had its most successful year to date, in what areas have we seen major successes this year?

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17th January 2020

Concilium Search has had its most successful year to date, in what areas have we seen major successes this year?

As with every year, we’re thrilled to yet again see our business show exceptional growth in headcount, turnover and placements completed. This year we have seen huge expansion within our contracts division which now equates to nearly 50% of our business revenue – a massive increase since it was established in 2016. Through this, a light has shone on the individuals who have been an integral part of the division’s growth.

“It has been great to see a number of future leaders emerge within that business unit which stands us in very good shape going into 2020.” – Managing Partner, Richard Walker-Taylor

Another great success we have seen this year is the growth of our repeat business. Partner, Lucinda Denney, said of our increasing work with returning clients: “2019 has been defined by the repeat business and long-term relationships we experience with our key clients; the breadth and depth of the work we are exposed to at an international level has allowed us to shape our clients’ future leadership teams and have a long term impact on their development.” We have attributed our year’s success to our commitment to providing a highly valued set of effective solutions for our clients and ensuring that the consultants we hire can be trusted to deliver an excellent service.

2019 marked Concilium’s 5th year in trading, what developments do we hope to see in the next 5 years?

Over the past 5 years our business has evolved and grown to become something that seemed like a very distant dream in 2014. There are many incredible achievements that we have made since the business was formed, through the leaders’ we have developed, the major achievements we have experienced and the clients we have partnered with. But, looking forward, there are some predominant goals that are being worked towards by all 3 offices.

Speaking with Kevin Ross (Country Manager, Netherlands) and Samuel Deane (Head of Permanent Search, Americas), both were in agreement that “becoming a household name within the recruitment industry” and “being recognised as a top tier recruitment business at a global level” were definitive long-term goals for the business globally.

It’s an exciting time for the business, as plans are well underway to achieving these targets. Although, the majority of our clients have always been based internationally, the past two years have been heavily focused on building the foundations of being physically present on a global scale. The success of our international expansion thus far allows us to look forward to continuing our global development – not only for our consultants, but also for our ever-evolving operations function. The “continued evolution of our operations function to match our ever growing sales force around our three international offices” has been highlighted further by Richard Walker-Taylor as one of the primary developments that he looks forward to witnessing over the coming 5 years.

“Our international offices are still in the early phases and they will develop and help Concilium become even more of an international brand.” – Chief Business Officer, Theo Laycock-van Spyk

What has been a key highlight for us this year?

While there have been many defining moments for us as a business in 2019 – both financially and otherwise, there has been one major take away from this year which can be agreed upon unanimously by Senior Management. Watching the growth and progress of 2018 and 2019’s graduates has been a key success metric for us this past year. Martin Badoo (Head of Life Sciences and Industrials, Europe) has been at the forefront of a large proportion of the Graduates’ development, with many entering our Interim division. Martin expressed his admiration in watching the Associates’ grow into “knowledgeable, industry experts within such a short time.” Supported by Theo, who commending the class’ of 2018 and 2019 for the amount of new consultants that have been “successful in establishing themselves within the business and bringing on new clients.”

A large part of our business development over the past 5 years has been channelled into perfecting our employer branding, recruitment strategy and Graduate development. This year we’ve really reaped the benefits of years of hard work. As identified by Lucinda, it is the “quality of our learning and development programmes that we pride ourselves on”, which has allowed us to train the exceptional talent from our 2018/2019 intake to the standard we expect for our clients and candidates.

What are Concilium’s key growth indicators for 2020?

In every aspect our business has grown on an upward trajectory year on year. While our headcount growth has been mainly concentrated within the UK (and the US in 2019), we look to see further expansion of our US headcount and to introduce Associates to our Amsterdam office for the first time in 2020. We will continue to follow the business model that has allowed us to grow consistently each year and will again be measuring our success on the increase of exceptionally skilled and highly talented individuals we bring on board.

We will, of course, also be placing focus on increasing our turnover. As we evolve and develop in new and existing niches, we will set financial targets to best support this growth. As mentioned by Samuel, these objectives will also extend to “revenue targets for each separate division and team, as well as increased profitability per headcount within the business.”

As a business we are proud of what we have accomplished in our first 5 years and the team who have supported our exponential growth along the way. We look forward to seeing, not only what 2020 has in store, but also the next decade for our Concilium brand.

This is only just the start…

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