One Month at Concilium

One Month at Concilium

Our newest Consultants have only been a part of the team for a month, but they are already off to a flying start.

One month in and our newest graduates are already showing the office just how brilliant a new starter can be. Having shown exceptional talent and enthusiasm in just four weeks, the potential and prospects for Rudy, Sarah, Doina, Lucinda and Chris are already looking to be limitless…

Rudolph Obeng-Asare

Kings College London

The first month of real working life can be daunting for any Undergrad, how have you adjusted to working life post-university?

Going to university in London made it much easier to transition into working life in the City. The biggest difference has been having less free time, but this is made a lot easier when you enjoy what you do.

Following on from this, what would you say is the main thing you’ve learnt from your first month of working life?

Persistence beats resistance.

Sarah Byrne

University of Cambridge

As challenging as work life can be, it does of course come with many perks. What would you say has been your highlight of working at Concilium?

The highlight has definitely been working hard with candidates to secure their next big step. You learn so much about the industry from the movers and shakers on the ground.

Now you’ve hit your first milestone of a successful one month of work, where do you hope to see yourself in a year’s time?

Working with clients who know I can deliver.

Doina Ceban

University of Bristol

What advice would you give to other new graduates about to start their careers?

Follow your passion – think about what you like to do and what you are good at and then find the job that would match your strengths, as well as one that you will enjoy doing.

Are there certain aspects of your field/role that you’ve particularly enjoyed?

The client facing side, as well as having responsibility so early on and freedom to discover your own niche – whether it is the industry or the country you will be focusing on.

Lucinda Denney

Yale University

In what areas have you excelled beyond your original expectation?

During my first week at Concilium, I was terrified of picking up the phone to talk to potential candidates! However, 2 months in, I’m now in constant conversation with highly qualified individuals from all over the world. Through these conversations I have learnt a lot about the pharmaceutical industry and gained a greater understanding of the different paths that people take to achieve their varied goals. I’ve made true connections with my candidates and I now feel highly confident in my ability to successfully source & vet industry talent.

What makes you enthusiastic about coming to work every day?

I feel an immense sense of freedom working with Concilium Search. The everyday possibilities to develop my own client & candidate base are limitless, making my time here full of opportunity and excitement!

Christopher Collins

University of Southampton

What struggles have you had in your transition from University to working life and how have you dealt with them?

Although it has been a struggle to wake up much earlier than I was every day at University, I’ve really enjoyed getting into a routine and I think a solid routine has stopped me sitting around thinking about the aspects of University life I miss!

What makes the Concilium environment a great place to work?

The work culture. The work is very much in your own hands and your hard work is rewarded – there isn’t really a limit to the money you can earn. There is also a sense of work hard, play hard, so I’m very much looking forward to our Christmas party and AGM.

We’re excited to see what the future holds!