Stronger partnerships, better service and new opportunities

The benefits of Concilium’s American office


The three heads of Concilium’s move to America; Oliver Harrison, Daniel Jeffery and Samuel Deane, explained how the company’s move to the States shows the value they place on their partners and what will be gained through opening the office in Manhattan, New York this year.



Oliver is the Country Manager for Concilium in the Americas, Samuel leads the Permanent Search in the Americas whilst Daniel is Head of Contracts, which has become an increasingly important part of the company.

The partners leading the move have been with the company since its founding in 2015, and say that elements which have made Concilium a success in the UK will form the foundations of the American office.

Oliver said; “the blue print which has seen our success in the UK will be replicated and adapted for the US market.”

Sam added that; “having been part of the team which established Concilium from start-up to where it is now, this has given all three of us the experience needed to build and grow our US business.”

The move to the States will take place later this year and will see Concilium grow the already existing ties with companies along the East coast, as well as clients in South America, the West coast and Canada, across all industries.

Growing industries in the US are at the centre of Concilium’s plans for America, and these include; pharmaceuticals, energy, consumer goods and information technology.

The ease of transition is shown through the work Concilium is already doing across the America’s. The commitment by Samuel, Oliver and Daniel is reflected by them working on an EST schedule. This often sees them leave the office close to midnight, as this offers a much better opportunity to interact with American clients.


In a sector where fleeting connections can be focused on the short term, Concilium is taking decisions which aim to create stronger long-term partnerships.


Nowhere is this better reflected than in the decision to expand to the United States.

Daniel highlighted how the physical presence will benefit the clients saying: “Long term partnerships will develop further as we get to know our clients better, and understand our partner’s specific needs.

A major part of Concilium’s successful model in the UK involves hiring graduates and developing high-quality consultants, through consistent training and development. This is a strategy that will be used in The USA to ensure that the ethos and drive that has seen the London office grow from 12 to 40 people in 3 years will be replicated abroad.

Oliver also expressed that “the office will have the same feel and look to the office here, to create consistency across the company.”




This vision for the American office reflects the desire for consistency with Concilium’s past successes and the company’s core values.


Oliver, Samuel and Daniel are all visibly excited when discussing the company’s new American office. This enthusiasm is well founded, as Concilium’s continuing growth offers a stable footing from which to take the next step to an American office.



By Freddie Hoareau