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16 Mar 2018

6 Resignation Tips

Leaving a job can be difficult, here are some tips to help you through:   1. Make sure you’re ready If you are leaving for another company, make sure the new job and contract are confirmed.   2. Write a resignation letter Keep it direct and to the point.     3. Notice Work out how much notice to give and prepare an effective hand over. Remember, it may be possible to negotiate your notice period down.   4. Prepare […]

28 Aug 2017

How to Handle a Counter Offer

The Counter Offer (CO) can be a difficult scenario for both candidate and recruiter alike and can cause doubt, second guessing, and in some cases, reversing the acceptance of a new offer. When resigning, always expect a CO and think in advance about how you would respond. Many candidates will have made up their minds and simply say ‘no thank you’, shake hands and part ways. For those who are unsure of what to do, the points below are from […]