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27 Jun 2018

How to ask questions in interviews… 8 helpful hints

“Do you have any questions?”   This comes up in every interview and is your chance to leave a lasting impression.   Apart from the generic  “what’s a typical day?” or “When will I hear back?”, ask questions that will make you stand out. Let the hiring manager know you’re interested…     1. What can you tell me about plans for growth expansion This lets the interviewer know you have long-term ambitions and will let you evaluate these, against […]

21 Jun 2018

Careers Insights talk at Merchant Taylors’ School.

Our Managing Partner and Merchant Taylors’ School alumnus, Richard Walker-Taylor, revisited his former senior school for their Careers Networking event to give an insight into life after school. The event gave alumni the opportunity to explain different career paths to current students and talk about how their degrees and backgrounds have impacted their working lives today.   Over 120 students from Lower Sixth were given a summary of Richard’s background and the history of Concilium Search, before choosing who they […]

07 Mar 2018

6 steps businesses can take to create an attractive recruitment process

When it comes to recruitment, companies always want to attract and secure the best individuals in the market. However, this can prove challenging, especially since organisations often underestimate the importance of treating recruitment as a two-way process. The view that the recruitment process is about only the candidate needing to convince the company of their worth has long been revolutionised. In recent times it has become just as important that the company convinces the candidates that they are the best […]