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25 Jan 2019

Can nuclear help in the fight against Climate Change?

As the world we live in embraces technology on a scale never before seen, our energy needs have not only increased, but they have become required in areas of the globe previously untouched. As this need for energy increases, Nuclear Power is being seen as a viable source once again.   In his recent end of year blog Bill Gates stated that Nuclear Power is “ideal for dealing with climate change”. The Microsoft Corp co-founder chairs TerraPower LLC, a nuclear […]

01 Jun 2018

Q&A with three of our Top Natural Resources and Infrastructure Consultants

Matteo Prestinoni I lead the Energy Contracts division and have been with the group since its foundation. We operate across a number of disciplines across different industries at an international level. Herbie Butler I am a practice lead at Concilium Search within the Natural Resources & Infrastructure department with my major focus at present being in developing our Mining & Metals division, both internally and externally. Christina Durham I am a Senior Consultant on the Energy desk. I represent a […]