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31 Jan 2019

New Year, New Job

In a study conducted by the BBC, January was shown to be the busiest month for new job listings and with many individuals setting New Years’ resolutions to progress in the workplace, the New Year is the perfect time to ignite a job search. January, for many, is a fresh start and a chance to change up daily working routine and re-evaluate long-term career goals. However, the job application process can be daunting and incredibly time consuming. At Concilium we […]

12 Nov 2018

EU MDR Impact and Challenges – Q&A with Trey Thorsen.

The deadline for compliance with the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) is fast approaching, which places its own challenges on companies who are under-staffed for such a large-scale transition. Additionally, 78% of medical device companies (according to recent reports) believe that they do not have the required understanding of new legislation in-house. So, what can medical device companies do at this critical time in the industry? Aside from improving their existing team’s knowledge, we’re seeing more and more […]

27 Jun 2018

How to ask questions in interviews… 8 helpful hints

“Do you have any questions?”   This comes up in every interview and is your chance to leave a lasting impression.   Apart from the generic  “what’s a typical day?” or “When will I hear back?”, ask questions that will make you stand out. Let the hiring manager know you’re interested…     1. What can you tell me about plans for growth expansion This lets the interviewer know you have long-term ambitions and will let you evaluate these, against […]

06 Dec 2017

Cricket to Corporate

We invited three professional Cricketers to attend an employability skills workshop – giving an insight into life in the business world.   On the 8th November, we invited three professional Cricket players, Daryl Mitchell, Steven Crook and Oliver Hannon-Dalby (in association with the Professional Cricketers Association), down to our head office to provide workshops in CV writing, networking, interview preparation and an insight talk into life in the corporate world following a career in Cricket.         We […]

16 Oct 2017

7 Hints to Help Impress in Interviews

Interviews are great opportunities to learn more about a position for you to ensure it’s the right career move. They should be an exciting experience but they can often be a nervous one.   As with many things, preparation is key…   1. Do your research  Research the company and industry thoroughly. Use Google to find recent news articles and LinkedIn to research who you will be meeting. Knowledge is power! 2. Prepare questions  Interviews are an important chance for […]

04 Oct 2017

7 Key Aspects to Writing a CV

Writing an effective CV can be a difficult task but it is essential it is done correctly. Ultimately, the CV is the gateway to interviews and job opportunities.   Getting it right is therefore critical and here are a few tips to consider when doing so: 1. Be concise There is no exact number for how long a CV should be but 2 -3 pages should be sufficient. Being concise demonstrates you can prioritise and are able to process and […]