About Concilium Search

Redefining strategic recruitment

At Concilium, our end goal is synonymous with that of our client partners: finding outstanding leaders and specialist consultants to drive your company forwards and invest in your business long-term. Specialising in the Life-Sciences, Technology, Industrials and Management Consulting industries, we have a proven track-record of not just placing individuals in roles, but on building long-term partnerships with our clients; playing an active, consultative role in the growth of their businesses through strategic recruitment. 

Since we were established in 2015, we have built a growing and diverse team of passionate search specialists who share our values and ambition to be world-class in what we do, delivering results that continue to outperform other agencies.  It's our dedicated team, along with our process and global networks, which enable us to remain agile and responsive in a highly competitive space. We're able to work effectively to meet incredibly specific search criteria and quickly find you the ideal candidate for any role or project you throw at us.

  • 2015: Concilium Search was founded
    2015: Concilium Search was founded
  • 2016: Concilium Contracts business was officially established
    2016: Concilium Contracts business was officially established
  • 2017: We outgrew our first office and moved to Leadenhall Street
    2017: We outgrew our first office and moved to Leadenhall Street
  • 2018: We opened our first USA office in New York
    2018: We opened our first USA office in New York
  • 2019: We opened our third office in Amsterdam
    2019: We opened our third office in Amsterdam

Key Facts


350% Increase in headcount since we were established in 2015

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Candidates placed in over 40 countries worldwide
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Offices in London, New York and Amsterdam
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Over 50 employees worldwide

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19 languages spoken

4 core industries: Life Sciences, IT, Industrials & Management Consulting

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At the root of our values is a belief in always doing things the right way, not the easy way

As a company, we're determined and passionate about doing things right and redefining what a recruitment firm can, and should be. 

We invest in long-term relationships with our client partners, candidates, and key people of influence within each of our core sectors. 

It's these relationships that we've cultivated over the years that have provided access to the highest quality candidates and have fostered deep levels of trust, across clients and candidates alike, when providing recommendations or opportunities. 

We also invest in our staff, providing proper and thorough training, support, tools and processes to ensure our team are in the best positions possible to succeed as they grow their careers and serve our clients. 

Integrity and trust

We promise to always be honest with our clients and candidates, valuing our integrity and your trust over a short term gain. Our business model relies on our relationships, and those relationships have been built around honesty and trust — two things that we will never compromise, even when no-one is watching.

Agility and innovative thinking

International search is an incredibly competitive space, but we've managed to build a reputation as one of the most responsive agencies working within our sectors. Our unique model means we can be quicker than our competitors, and also work at scale without ever compromising on the quality of candidates we present. And if things do go wrong? We never go quiet on our clients. We're proactive about any issues that do arise, tackling problems head-on to find a solution.

Client and candidate focused

We're not just recruiters, we are consultants for our partners, providing trusted and valued advice and counsel. This means we invest in properly understanding every single one of our clients and candidates, along with the broader industries and international markets. We always act in our client, and candidates', best interests. As one of our clients, your end goals are synonymous with ours, so we only succeed if you're happy long-term. 

The vision of Concilium was to build a business that captured the true essence of search and selection whilst redefining how a consultancy practice operates. From inception, we agreed key sustainability indicators which are paramount to the continued growth of our business and its global footprint. These same standards form the basis of our business and ensure that we deliver the very best service achievable for both client and candidate in equal measure.

Maduka Okeke
Founder and CEO