We Believe in Giving Back — Our CSR Commitment

Partnering with Jeremiah Emmanuel (BEM) to inspire & motivate young people to reach their full potential and succeed in life

"Life is about grabbing opportunities. Sometimes an opportunity might be in front of your face, but because you're having doubts and you don't believe in yourself, you could be stopping yourself from reaching for it..." - Jeremiah Emmanuel, BEM

Through life we all experience moments of self-doubt; of not being as good as our friends or our colleagues, and of not being worthy of success — but for many young people, there's no one telling them a different story, or giving them a relatable example to aspire to. We've made it our mission to change that.

This mission was kick-started with our 2018 INSPIRE tour. Partnering with young activist and entrepreneur Jeremiah Emmanuel (BEM), we met with students in schools to help each and every one of them recognise the potential that they have to achieve success in life, and give them fundamental tools and awareness to help them take their first steps towards reaching it. We engaged hundreds of young people across dozens of schools throughout London. The tour gave them a chance to hear from Jeremiah and other inspirational guests about real life experiences, challenges, and how to overcome them to achieve success — regardless of your race, gender, or family's class background.