Networking and building relationships with the best talent across the Dev Ops & Cloud, FinTech, Development & Architecture, and Consultancy disciplines of the IT industry

Across the tech industry, we're seeing rapid growth of automation technologies and AI, a rise in the importance of Tech security spurred by the prominence of Cyber Security breaches across worldwise news, and increasing innovation in DevOps as organisations begin to place greater importance of combining development and operations across all sectors, to better keep up with competitors. This shifting landscape has led to a constant demand for highly-skilled Technology specialists and for leaders who can keep up to date with the demands of a constantly evolving industry.

Our Technology search consultants specialise in sourcing both project-focused and BAU candidates for interim roles across the private and public sectors, and can support you in building your team, putting the right people at the helm with the specific expertise needed for your project.

Our partners in the tech space vary from global software providers through to tech start-ups who have secured early stage VC funding. Through our own consultancy, we can supply individuals and teams on outcome based projects which we manage internally, or we can secure independent consultants and contractors to lead transformational projects for our clients in the Retail, TelCo, and Financial & Banking sectors based all around the world. We take a compliance-focused approach to all interim contracts and work directly with Government organisations to supply candidates who are IR35 compliant.

To keep our knowledge of the industry up to date, our team actively hosts and attends industry meetups, conferences and webinars. This also helps us develop individual relationships with key influencers and build global networks of talented Technology candidates spanning across the Dev Ops & Cloud, FInTech, Development & Architecture and Consultancy disciplines. These relationships are what enable us to be agile and responsive in providing you with the ideal candidates and teams to meet the demands of your role or project.

Our Technology Recruitment Specialists also closely collaborate with our internal teams in the Industrials and Life-Science industries, helping find candidates with cross-industry experience and skillsets. 

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