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We pride ourselves on how responsive we're able to be in presenting candidates for hard-to-place executive roles. Our approach is collaborative and transparent, and we're able to tailor our search to meet the specific needs of each brief:

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  • #1 The Briefing

    We always start new recruitment projects with a detailed briefing with your HR team & relevant Line Manager. This enables us to fully qualify the role, ensure we fully grasp the specific details of the position and the requirements candidates must have to thrive and add value. For us, the cultural fit is consistently one of the most important factors, so we invest in understanding the company culture and team dynamics before speaking with any candidates for a prospective role. 

  • #2 Research Team Engagement

    Each assignment from our clients will have a dedicated team of researchers attached to the search. This team will be briefed by the Account Director and will produce a long-list of candidates —between 75-150 profiles dependent on the niche skillset required.

    Our Researchers are trained to conduct a robust and exhaustive search across active and passive candidates based on the criteria we establish with you throughout the brief. As part of this stage, our researchers will speak with every candidate to ensure they have the necessary pre-requisite skills, after which the team will select a narrowed list of 10-30 profiles to progress to the next stage.

  • #3 Consultant Interview

    At this stage, our consultants will conduct an in-depth interview with each of the remaining candidates. Their aim is to ascertain each candidate's past career history, aspirations for the future, interest in the position, motivations to move companies, as well as softer factors including personality and personal situation. They will narrow and refine the list accordingly, and provide a Senior Consultant with a shortlist of no more than 10 individuals.

  • #4 Senior Consultant Interview

    The final stage of the process involves a face to face, or Skype meeting between each shortlisted candidate and one of our Senior Consultants. Here, we aim to find out more about the individual and any factors that may influence their career progression in any way. We discuss their experience in more detail, manage their expectations and understand the multitude of variables which can influence a candidate during the interview process.

  • #5 Shortlist Presentation

    It's only when we're satisfied that we have found individuals who perfectly fit the brief you have given us, that we will present you with our final shortlist of 5-7 potential candidates. We will provide CVs detailing the experience of each candidate, and will produce our own cover letters detailing the insights we have gathered from our conversations with them, and why we believe them to be a perfect fit for the role. We prefer to present this shortlist to you in person, so that we can offer a more in-depth view of each candidate, and answer any questions. 

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