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21 May 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

    A look into how your mental health can be impacted in the workplace and the steps you can take to avoid it!    

19 Apr 2018

First month of work at Concilium Search

  We interviewed our newest graduates Liam Anthony Smith, Joshua Jarvis and Carlin Debrah to find out how they’re settling into their new Associate Consultant roles and what they’re most enjoying about life at Concilium Search.         Associate Consultants Liam Smith and Joshua Jarvis work exclusively within the Energy industry. Associate Consultant Carlin Debrah works exclusively within the IT industry.   Please feel free to reach out at: Liam.smith@conciliumsearch.com, Joshua.jarvis@conciliumsearch.com and Carlin.debrah@conciliumsearch.com