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7th November 2019

At Concilium Search we regularly run analytics on the approval ratings that candidates give to companies in the market. Interestingly, we tend to see a direct correlation between companies that are high performing in their respective sectors and a suite of innovative features that make them incredibly attractive employers for the very best candidates.

Our research has shown that high quality candidates are becoming increasingly discerning in their choice of employer. An increase in responsibilities & compensation rates still hold prominence for great candidates looking for a change, however, for the same candidates (armed with a range of job offers) their considerations are becoming a lot more nuanced.

For example, we have seen a theme in top employers offering more creative compensation & benefits packages to entice the very best candidates. These include a variety of pension contribution arrangements to suit personal financial circumstances, profit sharing, LTIPs as well as short term bonuses at specialist & managerial level. Other items include the option to buy & sell holiday, annual retention bonuses, payments toward first class holiday flights, payment for training, well-being bonuses for specific schemes and financial support for schooling.

On a more holistic level, high performing candidates list the following as high on their agenda when assessing future employers:

International Opportunities 

As our knowledge-based economic landscape continues to grow so too does the appeal of working globally. Top percentile candidates understand how important it is to develop skills & experiences in a range of international jurisdictions and are consistently yearning for exposure on this front.

Accelerated promotion 

Ambitious, high performing & highly skilled candidates want to join a company that can provide them with the type of stimulation that will keep them engaged and will help them to develop themselves.

Additional Learning 

In the new information-based age the very best employers focus on developing the emotional intelligence & awareness of their employees, so that they are fit for purpose in the modern workplace and free of the unconscious biases that plague other companies.


We’ve noted that companies who understand the cognitive potential of all human beings have an advantage in the market, helping them to thrive above others. 


Companies that focus on caring for their employees and who provide a healthy forum for personal development, support and help score extremely high.


Being respected and trusted by your employer is important for candidates and directly feeds into employee retention rates. Top candidates want to know that they can be trusted to work & achieve results by working in a variety of ways.

The people and the environment 

High achievers want to work with high achievers and our best candidates always seek this when evaluating their next move. However, the behaviours of the people and atmosphere within the company are equally important. They regularly ask themselves the following questions:

  • “Did the people I met at the interview stage show an openness to answering my questions?”
  • “Were the answers they provided balanced?”
  • “Did they ask me the right probing questions?”
  • “Did my interview process run smoothly and professionally?”
  • “Was the strategy of the company explained in an intelligent and thoughtful way?”


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