Whiskey and Chocolate Tasting with Morts & More

An evening of Whiskey and Chocolate tasting from some of the finest brands in the industry

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11th December 2017

We were treated to an evening of Whiskey and Chocolate tasting from some of the finest brands in the industry.

Our CEO, Maduka Okeke, has had a partnership with Sena Mortoo and Josh Umoren, founders of Morts and More, for some time now. As a thank you for the work we have done together over the last 12 months, they invited us to a gentlemen’s evening at the magnificent Christopher Peacock London Showroom in Chelsea Harbour.

We sampled three unique Whiskey flavours provided by The Macallan – the Fine Oak, the Double Cask and the Sherry Oak.

We learnt about the history of each of the three whiskeys and how the flavours evolve through the various casking processes, with each wood adding different notes and flavours to the whiskey.

It was also fascinating to learn the proper way for nosing and tasting the whisky, which is important to master in order to make the most of the delicate aromas and tastes to each different whiskey.

Following our Whiskey tasting, we were treated to a selection of Godiva chocolates, from milk to dark chocolate - which particularly complemented the whisky selection.

The event also gave us an opportunity to look through some beautiful fabrics brought along by Morts and More. Many of the male members of staff have purchases shirts and suits from the two world class tailors Sena and Josh and it was excellent to have the chance to see the full range of their capabilities.

A special thank you to Sena and Josh for a wonderful evening, we very much look forward to seeing what you create for our employees over the next 12 months!

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