3 Hints to Help Stand Out From the Crowd

A few factors can significantly help you stand out from the crowd and make good impressions with those that matter.   The best thing? These 3...

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23rd September 2017

A few factors can significantly help you stand out from the crowd and make good impressions with those that matter. 

The best thing?

These 3 hints are all easy to implement...

1. Be consistent

There is no correct way to write a CV, just different ways. When it comes to formatting however, consistency is key.
It doesn’t matter what style you choose but make sure to stick with it throughout. For example, if you bullet point a list of achievements, ensure that after each point there is the same piece of punctuation.
Attention to detail is valued by employers and a consistent CV will demonstrate this. Getting it right will make you stand out from the very start.

2. Ask questions

Interviews are two-way processes and a good interview should feel like a discussion. Ask questions to make this discussion happen.
The interviewer will want to learn about your experience and background but just as importantly, you need to understand the opportunity. Make sure to ask all the necessary questions to ensure it’s going to be a motivating position for you.
And don’t be afraid; questions show you are engaged and confident.

[Top Tip] Write down questions beforehand and take them to the interview. It demonstrates you’ve thought ahead.

3. Always follow up

Be it an interview or any other process during your job search, it always makes a positive impact when a brief email is sent to follow up.
It will reinforce the good impressions made during the interview and ensure you are remembered. Make sure to ask for the interviewer’s contact details and let them know you want to follow up. Pro-active candidates stand out.

[Top Tip] Make the follow up email personal by including something discussed during the interview. Perhaps a project was of particular interest so send more information about it.

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