How my scientific degree helps in my role in the Pharmaceutical division

My role as a Pharmaceutical Executive Search Consultant at Concilium Search means that every day is different, and you are challenged to adapt to...

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9th November 2018

My role as a Pharmaceutical Executive Search Consultant at Concilium Search means that every day is different, and you are challenged to adapt to whatever the day brings. 

Working both re-actively and proactively, as well as following a process, is familiar after studying Biochemistry followed by Forensic Science at King’s College London. During these degrees, I studied a wide range of scientific topics, as well as undertaking several research projects in topics as diverse as oncology, cardiovascular therapies and age prediction models through DNA analysis. In addition to this, I spent over a year working in a professional forensic research laboratory working alongside top scientists in the field.

Helen Thurtle

My journey with Concilium Search began after my graduation just over 12 months ago when I was extremely pleased to accept the opportunity from Maduka Okeke to join the Healthcare team. Moving from academia and research into a business-orientated position was a challenge that I had not faced before. Yet, through the training offered by Concilium Search, I was able to make the transition into this dynamic and fast-paced industry, and soon found myself enjoying and embracing this new journey. This career choice lets me apply the knowledge and skills which I developed during my studies, as well as providing me with opportunities to continue to learn whilst developing professionally.

I have found that my scientific background has been a significant asset when approaching my role as a Consultant in Pharmaceutical Recruitment; my first-hand understanding and experience of the healthcare industry is extremely useful when speaking to both clients and candidates. This background helps me to understand in greater detail the skillsets of the candidates I work with, as well as the business and technical requirements of my clients, both of which help to facilitate a smooth and efficient process.

One aspect of moving into this role is that, through keeping up to date with industry updates, relevant publications and scientific advances, I have been able to maintain my scientific curiosity. This knowledge of current topics helps me to discuss the immediate and future needs of my clients in greater depth, which I believe is an important contributing factor to the streamlining of the recruitment process. In addition, by sharing these updates on LinkedIn and other platforms, it allows me to enhance my own and Concilium Search's social media presence.

Recently, I was pleased to receive the confirmation that my own research was successfully published in Forensic Science International: Genetics. This is the culmination of work conducted alongside the team at King’s Forensics; I investigated how accurately an individual’s age could be predicted through the sequencing and analysis of DNA extracted from different body fluids (

My research contributed to the optimisation of an Artificial Neural Network, a type of machine learning algorithm that we hope will be applied to future forensic investigations. 

At Concilium Search, I have enjoyed discussing the impact and experience of publishing this research with clients, candidates as well as colleagues!

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