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In an industry so fast-paced and dynamic, our Consultants will tell you that no two days at Concilium Search are the same. With many of our meetings...

Recruitment Consultant Series
21st September 2018

In an industry so fast-paced and dynamic, our Consultants will tell you that no two days at Concilium Search are the same. With many of our meetings conducted out of office - whether that be in London or abroad, we caught up with Consultant Lucinda Denney to find out what her average day entails at Concilium...

05:30AM – I wake up & check emails to ensure everything is in order and catch up with US colleagues/clients (particularly important on days when I have candidates attending face to face interviews – I am the first port of call if something goes wrong e.g. car pile-up on the motorway, flight delay, wisdom teeth emergency… believe me, it’s all happened and it’s important to act fast!)

05:45AM – Early morning shower & cycle to work (if it’s raining, I very quickly decide to take the bus instead)

07:00-07:15AM – Arrive at work. Officially, my day starts at 8:30, however I always find it useful to get in early to check a few important tasks off the day’s to-do list before the office gets busy.

08:00-08:30AM – During this time I work on my social media presence. This varies, however, usually it involves doing 1 of 3 things.

  1. Posting an industry relevant news article to LinkedIn
  2. Creating a job advertisement for a newly assigned position to share among my network
  3. Contributing towards the Concilium Search blog by writing posts (such as this one!)
  4. Enhancing our online presence as a company, and for myself a Consultant is a key factor of our recent growth.

08:30-08:45AM – I conduct the morning meeting with my team (Associate Consultants Katherine Flynn & Harvey Jackson). Team meetings are focused time where we discuss our plan for the day, and how we expect to achieve our collective targets for the week.

08:45-09:00AM – Before 09:00AM I typically catch up with Managing Partner, Head of Permanent Search (and my boss!) Richard Walker-Taylor on my team’s business updates, the day’s planned activity, issues of high importance and preparation for important client calls & teleconferences organized to discuss our on-going retained searches.

09:00-12:00PM – This morning period counts as my ‘key call hours’ – during this time I take my planned calls for the day. The majority of these are arranged ahead of time with candidates for the active vacancies that I am working at this point. These calls will involve introducing an opportunity to a candidate (1st stage qualification) or finalizing the details of an application (final stage qualification). After completing a successful call during these hours’, I will often finalize the written profile of a candidate and submit their profile directly to the client or to a Concilium Search Account Director – this is when the fun starts as we wait for feedback on next steps!

12:30-13:15PM – I always take 10-15 minutes to go for a walk during my lunch hours. I find this helps to focus my concentration for the afternoon and something I encourage my team members to do every day!

13:15-13:30PM – Prep for afternoon meeting and catch-up on any emails that came in over lunch. Prep for afternoon meeting typically involves taking a critical look at the results of my morning and re-aligning my activity for the afternoon to ensure that I reach the day’s set targets.

13:30-13:45PM – Conduct afternoon meeting with Katherine & Harvey. Our afternoon meetings are typically shorter and have a stronger focus on re-alignment of goals and evaluating the successes of the morning. Morning & Afternoon meetings are a core pillar of our days at Concilium Search – they start exactly on the minute at 08:30 & 13:30 of each day and help us all to focus our energies for the day to produce strong results.

13:45-17:00 – Again, these are my key call hours. For the afternoon they are often more client focused. During this time I will often be in touch with clients to discuss candidate interview feedback, offers, contract negotiation and the assignment of new positions. Additionally, during this time I will schedule interview preparation sessions for my candidates who have interviews scheduled for the coming week. I work with them in these sessions, preparing their answers for interview questions, working on their presentations and discussing any concerns that they have about the interview.

I find these sessions very enjoyable as we always make a lot of progress which leaves my candidates ready to face the challenge of an interview and come out successful!

17:00-18:00 – This is my ‘variable time’, during this hour I will often have meetings with colleagues regarding monthly business, with Maduka (our CEO) to discuss my performance and personal development, or with Concilium’s new Associate Consultant group that I mentor to assist with any questions or areas of difficulty as they develop as Recruitment Consultants within their particular markets.

18:00-18:45 – I dedicate 45 minutes to business development activities during this time. This typically involves identifying opportunities with potential new clients (conducting market research on industry specific news & events to predict future hiring trends or potential opportunities to create new partnerships) or looking into the market for potential openings for a select group of high-quality candidates that I have been working closely with who are conducting strategic job searches.

18:45-19:00PM – This is clean-up time (no, not the kitchen!), rather so my emails and my Bullhorn records (Concilium’s invaluable candidate database). Finally, before I leave for the evening, I print out a new to-do list and fill this with my tasks for the next day (this way I always have an idea of what the demands of the next day will be, meaning there won’t be too many surprises along the way).

19:00 – I leave the office & make the journey home. However, if I’m working with our US team or we have a particularly heavy set of client demands this can be much later!

The nature of our work typically requires 1 ‘late night’ per week – however, as a team (coupled with some good food), these nights are often fun and really productive!

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