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The first time I came to this country I had a mixture of two emotions – excitement and worry. I was excited to meet new people in an entirely...

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8th October 2018

The first time I came to this country I had a mixture of two emotions – excitement and worry. I was excited to meet new people in an entirely different environment, facing new challenges. But I also worried because of not knowing what was waiting for me. 

I spent 7 years working for the Debt Collections industry in the Philippines and that’s where I acquired the skillset and best practices for interacting with clients and collecting debts. I devoted four years to managing and leading a group of collection specialists, where I was responsible to coach, motivate and direct them towards achieving their monthly cash collection targets. I found this job to be very rewarding; not only was I able to develop professionally but felt capable of bringing the best out of my team. Whilst being sad to leave, I was so excited to start my new life in the UK.

I started working for an energy company as part of the Credit Management Team where my main role was to ensure the collections of the sales ledger, whilst having further responsibilities within marketing and recruitment. This was my first job in the UK and let me experience what it’s like to interact with people from different backgrounds.  During this time, I was also able to develop my knowledge of the energy industry which was once again an exciting new challenge.

Continuous learning is very important for me. I pride myself in keeping my skills up to date and I am always looking for opportunities to hone my skills. This led me to joining one of the worlds’ most recognisable professional bodies for credit management, the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.  I have recently been officially recognised as an Associate by the institute and I’m now working on my Level 5 CICM Diploma to continue my pursuit of becoming an expert in the field.

Concilium Search found me when I was on my journey of searching for an opportunity where I can continue to grow and positively contribute to making a positive difference. I was very excited to join such a vibrant and ambitious company with such a clear drive for success. The culture and values that are upheld are unique and everyone seems to be enjoying the work that they do; supporting one another in the pursuit of excellence.

I joined the Finance Team as a Senior Credit Controller and I am pleased to say that I was made to feel very welcome from the moment I walked through the front door and met CEO Maduka Okeke; I felt a sense of immediate belonging which helped my swift integration into the business. My day to day activities mainly involve creating direct contact with clients to ensure that all invoices are being accounted for and are being paid on time. I work collaboratively with the billing and sales team to ensure that queries are being resolved in a timely manner. Collecting money isn’t always straight forward! One thing I’ve learned, is that credit controllers are not the most loved people in the world in the eyes of your clients, but it does not mean that you can’t build long-lasting relationships with them. Consistency, persistence and proactivity are key values of being a successful credit controller.

My first few weeks at Concilium Search have been very productive and rewarding. I am learning every day from my colleagues and have to reiterate how supportive and accommodating they have been right from the start. I have only just started my journey here and there is still lots to come, but I will continue to give my best efforts every day to help the company achieve.

I am looking forward to more enjoyable experiences here in Concilium Search and more exciting opportunities to come.

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