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Earlier this year Liam Smith from Newcastle University and Bradley Pearce from UEA were hired through our graduate programme and started working in...

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12th October 2018

Earlier this year Liam Smith from Newcastle University and Bradley Pearce from UEA were hired through our graduate programme and started working in our Energy Contracts division. Following an excellent start at Concilium, Liam saw an opportunity to expand into a previously untapped industry for us; Construction. When Bradley subsequently joined later in the year, he was the perfect fit to help Liam lead and grow our newest division.

Liam & Bradley both grew up with parents who work in construction; Liam’s father is a CPCS accredited Lift Supervisor and Appointed Person operating within the North East of England and Bradley’s father runs a construction firm in the South West of England. This meant they were able to hit the ground running and build new candidate and client relationships quickly.

Our Construction Consultants now recruit for a multitude of roles, from lifting operatives to on-site construction personnel and are going from strength to strength as they learn more about the inner workings of the industry. We caught up with Bradley and Liam to learn more about where their interest in Construction began, their experience and their plans moving forward.

Construction Contracts

Bradley Pearce

Some of my earliest memories involve building sites and the trades due to my Father being the director of his own building contractors in South Devon. David Pearce & Son was started by my Grandfather in 1983 and continues to provide high-quality renovation, extensions, and building solutions. My earliest memory is being sat in an excavator with an operator pulling tree stumps from the ground to put a new fence around our garden. Every school holiday from age 14 was spent labouring on my Father’s sites learning skills in carpentry and block laying, as well as how important hard work and punctuality is on site.

Growing up in this environment has given me the necessary knowledge, understanding, and passion to go into construction recruitment. It’s allowed me to see construction from the ground up working with labourers, tradespeople and with site/project managers. I understand how the industry works, what’s required and how to communicate properly with everyone both on and off site. Looking forward, I’m incredibly excited to be going to the London Build EXPO on October 22nd and 23rd to meet with new and existing clients.

Liam Smith

Similar to Bradley, some of my earliest and fondest memories include frequent visits to my Father’s sites, where I can vividly remember being stood in absolute awe and marvel at the various plant machinery and on-site cranes he was responsible for, and the materials they were able to maneuver with such precision and accuracy. He began to explain the mathematics behind the process, and all of the risk factors that had to be considered to ensure everything went ahead as planned.

In this environment as with recruitment, I have learned of the critical importance of planning and being able to provide a solution to a problem at any time of the day (I mean absolutely any time!). To this day I always endeavor to provide to our clients a plan A, B, C & contingency if the worst comes to the worst. A message I’m sure resonates deeply with all of our colleagues within Construction & Lifting Operations.

Again, I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming London Build Expo, with 20,000+ pre-registered attendees it promises to bring together an incredibly close-knit community to celebrate some excellent achievements throughout the last 12 months and plan accordingly for the coming year.

Our Construction division has been one of our fastest growing in 2018 and we’re excited to watch the team continue this rapid growth and development into 2019.

Construction Contracts

If you're actively looking for a new role or looking for new hires in your team, please feel free to reach out to Liam or Bradley on LinkedIn or by email

Liam Smith: or LinkedIn.

Bradley Pearce: or LinkedIn.

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