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What are the advantages of contracting?

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26th April 2019

This is one of the most common questions we get on the Life Science Interim team at Concilium. Having spoken to thousands of contractors as a desk over the last three years, it is clear that there are strong advantages to being a contractor.

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider contracting in your next role:

1. International Prospects 

Contracting can be highly attractive for those that want to travel because It gives you the opportunity to take international opportunities without providing a long-term commitment. For example, many of Concilium’s large pharmaceutical clients are often looking for engineers for 6 – 12-month manufacturing projects in Europe. As a result, many of our consultants have taken contracts in Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Basel and many more. Moreover, these kinds of opportunities are open to candidates at all levels of experience; clients demand junior profiles with 1 – 3 years of experience just as often as profiles with 10+ years. 

2. Income

Contractors often earn good salaries due to the scarcity of people prepared to take on short term positions. Rates for contractors can vary drastically from tens of pounds per hour to hundreds, the amount you earn is down to the value you can provide and the rate the market dictates!

3. Exposure to multiple companies – Variety & Flexibility 

Contractors have a fantastic opportunity to sample a variety of companies through taking on a series of different contracts – which can work across industries too.

Additionally, working with people from diverse background in multi-cultural environments can allow you to develop new skills, which looks great on your CV! 

4. Flexibility – work/life balance 

Work/life balance has been the buzz word within large businesses over the past decade – contracting offers the most flexibility of all. 

You get to choose which projects and locations that you want to work in, decide whether you want to work a full working week or ad-hoc consultancy. In between contracts you can choose as much or as little time off as you like – plus, you’re able to work less hours whilst still earning a good wage.

You can plan to use your increased earnings to subsidise taking the school holidays off with your kids, or picking up new hobbies, whatever you fancy. If work is your main focus, then the option to spend all 52 weeks of the year working is available too.

5. Opportunity for full-time work 

A contract to perm flip is an area that we are finding increasingly more common amongst our clients. Not only is it beneficial for the client to see how the candidate will adapt/thrive in the role, but it is also a great way to test the waters to see if you would like to pursue the full-time position. If both sides are happy then there is a full-time position waiting for you at the end of the contract! 

Obviously contract work doesn’t suit everyone and we know one size doesn’t fit all. However, given the pay and flexibility, we feel that everyone should consider contracting at some point in their career, whether that be at the start, peak or late stages of it.

If you would like to learn any information about contracting within Life Sciences, IT or Industrials, then head over to: https://www.conciliumsearch.com/services/interim-contracts

We are here to help you take your first step into the wonderful world of contracting.

Already a contractor? Let us help you find your next position!

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