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  • 8th February 2019
    At Concilium, we are dedicated to developing our global network and furthering our international presence with the offices we establish and the...
  • 25th January 2019
    As the world we live in embraces technology on a scale never before seen, our energy needs have not only increased, but they have become required in...
  • Company News
    Concilium Search 2018
    20th December 2018
    2018 has been an exceptional year for us at Concilium Search. With our highest turnover and graduate intake to date, the year has been nothing short...
  • Recruitment Consultant Series
    6 Tips for the first 6 months in Recruitment
    23rd November 2018
    My first six months have flown by so quickly as an Associate Consultant at Concilium Search, and I can't believe how much I have learnt during this...