Concilium Search

19 Apr 2018

First month of work at Concilium Search

  We interviewed our newest graduates Liam Anthony Smith, Joshua Jarvis and Carlin Debrah to find out how they’re settling into their new Associate Consultant roles and what they’re most enjoying about life at Concilium Search.         Associate Consultants Liam Smith and Joshua Jarvis work exclusively within the Energy industry. Associate Consultant Carlin Debrah works exclusively within the IT industry.   Please feel free to reach out at: Liam.smith@conciliumsearch.com, Joshua.jarvis@conciliumsearch.com and Carlin.debrah@conciliumsearch.com    

13 Apr 2018

Q1 overview with a Senior Partner

In 2017 we aimed to build our contracts division, so it accounted for at least 50% of our revenue, whilst also maintaining the growth of our permanent business. This first quarter showed we were successful in achieving this goal, whilst hitting the milestone of being our strongest Q1 to date.   As mentioned, Quarter 1 was the biggest Q1 in our Concilium history, additionally, it was the biggest Quarter ever for our contract division, which has been growing in an […]

06 Apr 2018

Medical Devices: Deadlines are looming

If you are working within the Medical Devices industry you will understand it is going through a period of tremendous transformation; over the next six years we are facing several changes in legislation around the regulation of devices and the numerous deadlines to meet to ensure the products remain safe and compliant.   Firstly, it is important to understand the legislation which is affecting the Medical Devices industry: Almost every organization with a device on the market are now seeing […]

29 Mar 2018

The importance of staying active outside of work

Here at Concilium we consider sport to be a large part of our company culture and a background in sport to be an essential quality that we look for in our graduates. But why is an active lifestyle so important for improving workplace performance?   Looking back over our health and well-being series at the start of the year, we’ve spent a lot of time looking into the importance of eating the right foods and how this can consequently improve […]

23 Mar 2018

Countdown to USA

Over the past few weeks, the team at Concilium HQ has been less and less office-based, with many of us out and about visiting clients ahead of the start of Q2, and a select few of us heading over to visit our newly set up US office.   Sam, Oliver and I are in our final few months of working and living in London, ahead of relocating to America to spearhead the growth of Concilium’s newly created US entity. We […]

16 Mar 2018

6 Resignation Tips

Leaving a job can be difficult, here are some tips to help you through:   1.) Make sure you’re ready If you are leaving for another company, make sure the new job and contract are confirmed.   2.) Write a resignation letter Keep it direct and to the point.     3.) Notice Work out how much notice to give and prepare an effective hand over. Remember, it may be possible to negotiate your notice period down.   4.) Prepare […]

07 Mar 2018

6 steps businesses can take to create an attractive recruitment process

When it comes to recruitment, companies always want to attract and secure the best individuals in the market. However, this can prove challenging, especially since organisations often underestimate the importance of treating recruitment as a two-way process. The view that the recruitment process is about only the candidate needing to convince the company of their worth has long been revolutionised. In recent times it has become just as important that the company convinces the candidates that they are the best […]

28 Feb 2018

Morts and More Suits

New to the city and fresh out of University in 2008, young professionals Joshua Umoren and Sena Mortoo began to develop an appreciation for well-designed suits. They were continuously trying to find suits that were better than their current, competing with their friends to find the best combinations in high street stores. Unable to afford the luxuries of Savile Row and Italian custom made on a graduate wage, Josh and Sena started thinking about how they could make their own […]

20 Feb 2018

5 easy steps to make your LinkedIn profile stand out!

A professional LinkedIn profile is a must. With over 500 million users, make sure your profile is one that impresses…     1.  Profile Content – think about how you want to be seen. Tailor the content to get across your personal, professional brand. In addition to strong content, aim for your profile to be visually appealing. Include presentations, publications and articles to make you stand out.   2. Keywords – LinkedIn relies heavily on keywords so include ones that […]

15 Feb 2018

Stronger partnerships, better service and new opportunities

The benefits of Concilium’s American office   The three heads of Concilium’s move to America; Oliver Harrison, Daniel Jeffery and Samuel Deane, explained how the company’s move to the States shows the value they place on their partners and what will be gained through opening the office in Manhattan, New York this year.          Oliver is the Country Manager for Concilium in the Americas, Samuel leads the Permanent Search in the Americas whilst Daniel is Head of […]