Concilium Search

12 Oct 2018

Construction Contracts at Concilium Search

Earlier this year Liam Smith from Newcastle University and Bradley Pearce from UEA were hired through our graduate programme and started working in our Energy Contracts division. Following an excellent start at Concilium, Liam saw an opportunity to expand into a previously untapped industry for us; Construction. When Bradley subsequently joined later in the year, he was the perfect fit to help Liam lead and grow our newest division. Liam & Bradley both grew up with parents who work in […]

08 Oct 2018

Meet Lhoujerra – our new Credit Controller!

The first time I came to this country I had a mixture of two emotions – excitement and worry. I was excited to meet new people in an entirely different environment, facing new challenges. But I also worried because of not knowing what was waiting for me.  I spent 7 years working for the Debt Collections industry in the Philippines and that’s where I acquired the skillset and best practices for interacting with clients and collecting debts. I devoted four years to managing and leading a group of collection specialists, […]

21 Sep 2018

A day in the life of a Concilium Consultant…

In an industry so fast-paced and dynamic, our Consultants will tell you that no two days at Concilium Search are the same. With many of our meetings conducted out of office – whether that be in London or abroad, we caught up with Consultant Lucinda Denney to find out what her average day entails at Concilium…   05:30AM – I wake up & check emails to ensure everything is in order and catch up with US colleagues/clients (particularly important on days […]