Inspire Tour

Jeremiah Emmanuel Mentoring on maintaining good physical and mental health, overcoming adversity and achieving the unthinkable

4th May 2018

Last week we worked in partnership with global public speaker and social rights activist, Jeremiah Emmanuel, on his mission to educate hundreds of pupils across London schools about the importance of motivation, self-belief and always striving for success. 

Inspire Tour

Taken from his own experiences, along with the inspirational stories of his guests: industry professionals, influencers and philanthropists, the Inspire tour sought to promote growth mindsets and thinking from a different perspective from the highest calibre of successful individuals.

Guests included:

Holly Branson- Chair Virgin Unite, Founder Big Change

Lara Millward- Entrepreneur, Founder Blitz Fitness

Ivan Beckley- UCL Medical Student (given scholarship from Deep Mind Google), co-Founder Limitless

Abbi Oakley- Marketing Manager, and Youth Community Organiser

Hayley Mulenda- Motivational Speaker, Author

Kobby Amoah-Gyamfi- Co Founder Kase TP, associate Syndicate London, Content Team Member Virgin

Jo Burford- Community Manager Twitter/Niche

Firm London- Daryl & Robbie; co founders of the company

Jordan Muyira- Artist Manager

Alex Manzi- Social Media Manager BBC Radio 1Xtra, presenter for Dreamers Disease Podcast

Kelly Okogwu- General Manager Imhotep 

Mentoring on topics including maintaining good physical and mental health, overcoming adversity, achieving the unthinkable and how to always continue to grow and evolve as individuals.

 We were honoured to have been involved in such an incredible movement and will continue to work with Jeremiah on his quest to develop and inspire the next generation of greatness.

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