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After introducing an internship programme to Concilium Search at the start of this year, we wanted to take a moment to catch up with some of our...

31st August 2018

After introducing an internship programme to Concilium Search at the start of this year, we wanted to take a moment to catch up with some of our recent interns to learn more about their experience and what they enjoyed about their time with us.

Kabir Mandair

Sixth Form student at Merchant Taylors' School, undertook a one week's internship

Back in May I attended a careers networking event where I met Richard Walker-Taylor, who gave us an insight into his journey from life at school to a career in recruitment and how his sporting background has been influential in getting him to where he is today. ( Prior to the talk I knew very little about what a career in recruitment would look like and afterwards I was really interested to learn more. Especially as, being a keen sportsman myself, I previously thought that sport would have little impact on my career path.

Over the week I undertook 3 main tasks. Firstly, I was involved in researching candidates for four roles of varying seniority; from an in-house recruiter to C-Suite roles for a global company, finding the best possible candidates. Secondly, data entry and high level analysis on Excel of all completed assignments from 2016 and lastly, assisted in the structuring of a leadership development programme within Concilium. Despite only interning for a week, I felt great a great sense of satisfaction from working on live projects and knowing that I actively helped the business.

I found organisation to be the most important skill I would need to develop further when in a business environment, compared to school life. At school we have timetables made for us to help maximise our learning throughout the day and weeks. In an office there are no scheduled breaks and time scheduled for each task; it was critical for me to thoroughly plan my time throughout the day to allow me to complete all my tasks within the week.

In my opinion, it is rare that any student really knows which career path they will follow and it’s a great idea at a young age to try out lots of different opportunities.

Furthermore, I would urge any other students who are even slightly interested in a particular career to try and ask for any experience. Whether it’s a day, a week or more, the office environment will teach you a lot about what kind of career you may enjoy and where you could find yourself in the future.

My week at Concilium was very enjoyable as everyone I met, from new graduate consultants to CEO Maduka Okeke, was extremely hospitable.

The general office values are that if you work hard you will be rewarded and that was evident as everyone I talked to said they enjoy the work they do.

Alexandra Toma

2nd year University student at Kings College London

One of the major benefits of working for Concilium is the ability to observe individual contribution immediately, which comes hand in hand with an immense personal responsibility, and of course a feeling of achievement. I have learned to embrace this, to work more independently and ultimately to trust my instinct when making decisions.  Although most of my work has been helping to establish the New York office, I have also had the opportunity to understand many other aspects of the business.  This has allowed me to obtain a "360 degree" view of executive search and interim contract recruitment in general. This insight has been valuable for me as I am still at the beginning of my career, and I would recommend such an experience to anyone in a similar position!

What I liked most about working for Concilium was the entrepreneurial spirit of the company; the influence of this has led me to continuously redefine my own standards for success. Everybody is well aware that individual contributions can, and do, have an impact on the growth of the company, and they act upon it. With the variety of tasks and the openness of the team, every day varied from its predecessor.

I was grateful to receive unique support, and I will definitely miss the buzz and positive attitude of the office!

We want to thank Kabir and Alexandra for their excellent work with us, we wish them all the best for the future.

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