What does it mean to be a recruitment consultant?

A career in executive search and interim contract recruitment can be daunting as a new graduate. Here at Concilium Search, we understand the...

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24th August 2018

A career in executive search and interim contract recruitment can be daunting as a new graduate. Here at Concilium Search, we understand the importance of finding the right job and building a career around something you’re exceptional at.

So, what exactly does the day-to-day life of a recruitment Consultant involve and what skills do you need to succeed? We spoke to three of our consultants to hear what they had to say!

Liam Smith (Associate Consultant, Energy Contracts)

Hannah Griffiths (Associate Consultant, Healthcare Executive Search)

David Potter (Senior Consultant, Healthcare Executive Search)

Why were you interested in starting a career in recruitment?

L: I became interested in starting a career in recruitment as I saw it as an opportunity to immerse myself into a company culture which I believed to match my personality. This, alongside the opportunity to pursue a lucrative career with clear scope and progression pathways to develop from a Consultant to more Senior positions.

H: Initially I was not sure on what I wanted to do when I left university and thought a Graduate scheme would be the best option for me to transition from education. After starting on a retail Graduate programme, I soon learnt that this was not challenging enough for me. So, I spoke with a recruitment agency about what my options were outside of retail, and about different career possibilities that allowed opportunities to progress and where hard work would be rewarded. It was at this time that the idea of recruitment was suggested to me!

D: What appealed to me most was the entrepreneurial nature of recruitment, especially at Concilium.  The tools and the training were all there, but it was down to you to build your desk and there were no limits or people telling you what you can’t do – only people pushing you on. Furthermore, the effort/reward factor was directly correlated – if I work hard and do well I earn my commission. I liked that transparency.

What do the day-to-day tasks of a Concilium Consultant involve?

L: As a consultant in the Energy Contract business specialising in Construction, we typically work at an incredibly fast pace where turnover can be on an hourly basis. My day to day tasks involve constant candidate management and acquisition, client interaction and further business development to grow our presence within the Construction Market.

H: The working days always seem to fly by, as I enjoy spending a significant part of my days speaking to talented people all over the world and helping them to progress in their careers. The role is also filled with problem solving, as you try to find the perfect candidate to fit every vacancy.

D: The role is multi-faceted, but at its core, I am a consultant providing expert advice to candidates and companies. Part of my role is head hunting, actively contacting potential candidates for my clients and guiding them through recruitment processes. On the other hand, I support these clients’ recruitment efforts and strategies and ensure that they are able to source the best talent for their business.

How have you found your degree/sporting background to be useful in this role?

L: I have found my sporting background, more so than my degree, has been an essential tool for success in this role. My sporting background instilled in me a resilience and work ethic which is directly transferrable to the role, and also the ability to encounter and overcome objection, which is absolutely vital in what we do. Setbacks are common, however our ability to provide a better solution is what sets us apart!

D: My sporting background was definitely useful in giving me the competitive drive to succeed in a challenging industry. Balancing sport and my degree taught me how to manage my time well.

What skills do you think are needed to succeed in this industry?

L: Hard work and dedication to the cause. I’ve also found listening to be particularly important, it has allowed me to take on so much knowledge from my senior peers.

D: On any given day I speak to C-suite executives around the world, so being able to present my thoughts, arguments and advice in a clear and concise manner is highly advantageous. Effective research skills and time management are also critical. This job can be hard, so perseverance and resilience are critical if you are to handle the ups and downs that naturally occur.

What were your initial thoughts on the recruitment industry and how have they changed since working at Concilium?

L: At first I saw it as ‘just another sales role’. However now, I see it as a matter of improving your clients and candidates’ situations, by providing them the best solution at that particular moment.

H: Although I initially had little understanding of the industry, when I spoke with friends about moving into recruitment, they were sceptical about the culture overall. It was only Concilium Search that was able to dispel these fears, where upon meeting the team and Maduka Okeke I saw the unwavering value placed on integrity.

D: Recruitment unfortunately does not always have the best reputation as an industry. Working with Concilium has made me realise that to be an effective recruiter, you must be an effective consultant, able to understand problems and requirements and develop an effective solution. By doing this we become valued and trusted partners to our clients - adding genuine value.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to become a Consultant?

L: Work hard, be prepared, ensure your approach is relentless and after time, your perseverance and dedication will pay dividends.

H: It is a position I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a personal challenge in a rapidly expanding and successful environment, where no two days are ever the same.

D: Think hard about the lifestyle you want. If you want to have a laugh, make some money and count down the hours to Friday – look elsewhere. Concilium is a young business that is growing aggressively and people who are ready to commit will be able to directly contribute and benefit from that. From personal experience, everything comes down to the company culture; when you find that connection with a business, the future possibilities are endless.

If a career in executive search or interim contract recruitment sounds like the right path for you, apply now at https://www.conciliumsearch.com/work-for-us/

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